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Electrical Heat Shrink Tunnel Machine

SVAEST - Electric Heat Tunnel is designed speci?cally for shrink sleeve labeling, tamper evident banding and moisture sensitive products.

SVEST is designed dual-wall, heavy gauge stainless steel. This construction speci?cation lets hot air circulate for greatest efficiency, while protecting operators from high heat.

High quality electric heating elements provide uniform heat distribution to ensure a quality ?nish on a number of ?lms including PVC, PETG,OPS and PLA.

Two independent air flow controls allow air flow in two separate zones. The almost in?nite air flow adjustment paired with accurate, consistent digital temperature control make the SVEST an extremely versatile shrink tunnel.

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Salient Features:

S. S. 304 construction including machine frame.

High quality electric heating elements to focus heat.

High speed convection blowers.

Safe » Double shell design keeps outer temperatures of machine cooler.

Energy saving insulation with cool to touch panels.

Two independently controlled heating zones.

Optional Features 2

Access doors to adjust heat patterns while in operation.

Variable speed adjustable convection blowers