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Automatic Label Applicator

Automatic Label Applicator: SVAHLA is stand alone portable sticker labeling machine (Hologram Labeling Machine). The SVHLA is suitable for various types of label and films sticking on container when required higher volume and label on conveyor line.

This economic model incorporates advance label dispensing system and capable of labeling up to 300 Lable/Min. depending on Length.

The high performance label dispenser incorporates advance microprocessor—controller to be installed in very fast packaging lines.

You can incorporate with assembly line or other packing line to get a high efficiency. In Automatic Label Applicator The unique system creates smooth label application operation and helps in achieve high speeds.

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Benefits choose Automatic Label Applicator

Automatic label applicators offer many benefits over manual labeling methods. Perhaps most obvious is the increased speed and efficiency that can be gained from using an automatic labeler. Automatic labelers can apply labels up to several thousand per hour, whereas a person working manually could only apply a few hundred labels in the same amount of time. In addition, automatic labelers can apply labels more accurately than a person can, resulting in less waste. Automatic labelers also provide the ability to apply labels to products of various sizes and shapes, something that would be difficult or impossible to do by hand, making them the preferred choice for many businesses.

Salient Features: Automatic Label Applicator

Very smooth and high speed of operation.

Speed can vary at single point.

M. S, powder coated stand.

Fully password protected (Not required by operator).

Output up to 200/ 300 Label/Min.

Accurate label placement.

Built in product counter.

Optional Features: Automatic Label Applicator

Label Roll Empty: Machine stop with alarm

Missing Label : Machine stop with alarm. Servomotor instead of stepper motor for high speed application.

Direction of Movement Left to Right
Output/Min.* Up to 300
Power Supply 1 Phase, 230V, 50Hz AC Supply

Depends on Container and Label Size

Specification can be altered as per customer specific requirement.