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High Speed Bottle Unscrambler

SVAHBU Bottle Unscrambler is designed to provide a loading solution for empty containers and delivers them to the downstream equipment conveyor in vertical condition lines in a controlled and repeatable manner.

This model operates with great simplicity, efficiency, and minimal maintenance .They are suitable for large variety of bottle shapes and sizes in a wide range of industries.

No longer are employees required to manually sort bottles and stand them upright on a conveyor or feed table — an otherwise tedious and time consuming task. Changeovers from one size bottle to another are as very easy and minimum time consuming.

SVAHBU provides bottlers with increased efficiency, labour savings and productivity by achieving speeds up to 300 BPM. It can work for any shape like round, oval, square, etc.

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Salient Features:

5.8. 304 and anodizing aluminium construction.

Smooth in feeding for existing packaging line.

Totally enclosed machine.

Automatically correct inverted bottles.

Easy to operate and vibration free.

Ensure no inverted bottles go to the next machine.

Running with high efficiency, no need workers watching.

Simple in structure.

Easy to clean and maintain.

Optional Features:

Low level alarm in storage of container.

Elevator speed control sensor.

Acrylic or Poly carbonate enclosure in frame.

Online ionized air cleaning.

Accumulation conveyor turn table of unscrambled containers.

Container counting.

Direction of Movement Left to Right
Output/Min.* Up to 300
Power Supply 1 Phase, 230V, 50Hz AC Supply
Air Supply 5-6 Bar Regulated Air Supply

Depends on container size

Specification can be altered as per customer specific requirement.